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Combo Treatments

Looking to get better, faster results?


We can address a variety of skin concerns at one time with multiple modalities with quicker results and and less downtime!


Anti-Aging Combo

Microneedling & Laser Genesis

1.5 Hour


Address fine links and wrinkles, skin damage, and the texture changes that come with age.  We combine the benefits of our deep, collagen boosting, non invasive laser genesis with the effective but gentle microneedling resurfacing for smooth, refreshed, younger looking skin.  

This combo is also great for preventative aging and ance scarring. 

Green Plants

Glow Up Combo

Dermaplaning & Bela MD

1.75 Hour


Prepare for the glow-up of your life!  Dermaplaning of the face and neck, followed by an exfoliating peel, hydrogen water infusion, muscle toning/lymphatic drainage, infusion of active serums to combat acne, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, and electroporation for deeper serum penetration. 

To top off this facial, a mask and skincare is applied to seal in all this goodness!

Tropical Leaves

Decongesting Combo

Bela MD & Laser Genesis

1.5 Hour


This facial is geared towards skin types that are prone to congestion, including blackheads, open and closed comedones, and enflamed papules.

Control uncomfortable acne lesions while preventing scar formation and minimizing effectively scartissue.  Our Decongesting Combo Combines a pore cleansing Bela MD with the benefits of our non-invasive Laser Genesis to reffectively racne-causingausing bacteria, active lesions, pore size, redness, hyperpigmentation, and scar tissue. 

Banana Leaves

Resurfacing Combo

Bela MD & Microneedling

2 Hours


The ultimate skin rejuvenation treatment.  Exfoliation, infusion of hydrogen water and active serums customized to treat fine lines and wrinkles, acne, and pigmentation concerns.

Perfect for those wanting to simultaneously hydrate and refresh the skin while targeting collagen production with Microneedling.

Note: you may experience some peeling and dryness post treat

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